Fractured Space – Ultimate Skins Pack


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In stock

Save 75% and jump in to the battle in style with the Ultimate Skins Pack. Own fourteen of the most desired and unique skins plus twelve ships, each boasting a 20% boost to credit earnings in battle – and a 360 day timed booster to push your credit earnings even higher.

Pack Contains:
Brawler – Taurus Ultimate Skin
Destroyer – Ares Ultimate Skin
Displacer – Typhoon Ultimate Skin
Enforcer – Hellhound Ultimate Skin
Enforcer – Cerberus Ultimate Skin
Hunter – Orion Ultimate Skin
Interceptor – Icarus Ultimate Skin
Protector – Athena Ultimate Skin
Reaper – Azrael Ultimate Skin
Watchman – Poseidon Ultimate Skin
Raider – Akula Ultimate Skin
Colossus – Charon Ultimate Skin
Gladiator – Calypso Ultimate Skin
Gladiator – Mimas Ultimate Skin

All nine ships

360 day timed credit booster

You will not be reimbursed for any ships you currently own.

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