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Super Sonic Racer has it all with twelve over the top wacky characters and vehicles: From space shuttle to monster truck, from pizza dude or taxi driver to a magnetic superbike from the year 2400, everything you can imagine (and more) will race against each other in 4 crazy worlds, Karting like never before.

If you finished first, you are the winner. After winning four races in a world, the next world will unlock.

The different worlds are;

  • Ocean World – In this world you will race through a fantastic underwater environment. The Ocean World is a living planet that is entirely covered in water.
  • Trash World – Have you always wondered where that garbage you throw away each week has been going? The answer is Trash World.
  • Game World – This game-themed world is a blast to race in, and it is no wonder so many drivers fly in to partake in the competitive races.
  • Nightmare World – It’s dark, creepy, slimy, scary; It’s everything that you can (but don’t want to) imagine. Only the bravest of all racers make it this far, but it takes a Supersonic Racer to win.
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