The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight Steam CD Key


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After 256 years of peace in the lands of Antoria the Roselian army of Batrathum has risen up once more to attempt to reclaim the land of Antoria that they lost in the 43rd War of Darkness. Threatening to start War of Darkness 44, King Lancelot Bartholomew Rosell of the Roselian Empire sends his beasts through the lands, corrupting and destroying everything in their path. Refusing to hide from the incoming threat, a young recruit at the Motor Knight Academy named Joy Lantz leaps into action! With the power of Divine Life granted to the Motor Kknights through their Divine Armor, and her powerful signature weapon, the hybrid motorized lance-drill Burst Arm known as the Joylance, Joy refuses to let anybody stop her from saving the world– not even the Academy itself!

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